Manual D688 Vise, 6" w/ 8.8" opening


The original Kurt Anglock D-Series vises are designed for precision part clamping on basic machine tools such as knee-type mills, grinders and machining centres. D-Series vises are ideal for use in running production parts where datums, flatness and parallelism is important. You can precision bore, tap, drill, grind and finish with high accuracy on most parts made of die cast aluminum, steel, and iron in your Kurt Anglock vises. No other brand can give you the time proven accuracy of the Kurt Anglock vises.

All Kurt vises have a friction reducing, needle bearing, thrust collar. The needle bearing increases jaw clamping pressure.


  • AngLock design assures the movable jaw does not lift.
  • Hardened vise bed.
  • Hardened jaw plates.
  • Semi-hard steel screw.
  • 80,000-PSI ductile iron body
  • Matching of bed height ±.001" available at an additional cost for the D40 and D100 vises.
  • Matching of the keyway to the stationary jaw ±.001" is available at additional cost.
  • Some models available in metric version.
  • 10 year limited warranty.
  • Large 8.8 inch jaw opening.
  • Outside rail edges of the body are machined.
  • Vise nut does not extend beyond the end of the vise body.
  • D688 has the same footprint as the D675 vise. Distance from keyway to stationary same as D675.
  • Groove Lock jaw (D60-315) and workstop (WSRL46) standard.
  • Patented "O"ring pull down feature standard.
  • Approximately a 20% increase in clamping pressure over D675 vise.
  • Distinctive patented design of the "Kurt Look".
  • Patented AngLock design.
  • Bed height matched to size 2.875" (73.025 mm) ±.0005".
  • Repeatability within .001".
  • Sealed needle thrust bearing used at hex end of screw to reduce clamping friction.

Machined edge of D688 vise allows precision alignment of vise when used on angle plate with sine bar for locating.

Top View
Side View
Front View
Torque Ft.-Lbs.D688
10 1129
20 2242
30 3337
40 4148
50 5379
60 6310
70 6977
80 7968

A 2.875
B 6.000
C 16.810
D 3.562
E 0.688
F 1.485
G 1.980
H 1.735
J 0.725
K 4.800
L 1.540
N 0.940
O 3.875
P 1/2-13
Q 8.750
R 8.250
S 3.813
T 5.667
U 0.656
V 1.930
W .750
AA 8.8
BB 11.5
BB MIN 2.70
CC 14.32
CC MIN 5.60
DD 17.03
DD MIN 6.80
Ship Wt. 78

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